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Chapman’s offers to save Beavercrest Community School

Chapman’s Ice Cream has offered to help save Markdale’s Beavercrest Community School — even if it means buying the property and building a new school.

Ashley Chapman proposed a number of options at an accommodation review committee meeting held in Markdale on Thursday.

His proposals involved a wide range of possibilities, from buying and renovating the school to tearing it down and building a new one.

Another option was to pay $48,000 per year, which would cover the cost of operating the school not covered under the provincial funding formula

“We will put our money where our mouth is . . . and have offered to buy the land and the building and enter into some sort of lease back agreement with the school board. We offered to cover the $48,000 financing shortfall. That was just the jumping point off for us to relieve the financial burden” said Chapman.

“We would work with the engineers to do either some serious renovations of Beavercrest or tear it down and build something new. At this point it is wide open.”


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