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This committee is responsible for ensuring that there is a financial plan in place to ensure that Union business can be conducted while following good financial sense.

It is also responsible for providing transparency with the Membership and showing them what their Union dues are being spent on.

Current Officers on this committee include Secretary-Treasurer Shane Holstein and Steward Chris DeMelo.

The Labour Management Committee meets with the Employer at least once per month during the school year in an attempt to solve problems prior to going through the formal grievance process. Typically this committee meets on the last Friday of each month throughout the school year.

Current officers of the Local on this important committee include President Eddie Pereira, 1st Vice-President Marlene Arruda, Recording Secretary Tim Thornton, Chief Steward Junior Edwards, and Member at Large Rod Bowser.

The Grievance Committee currently consists of 5 delegates representing the Local. The purpose of this committee is to address Members’ concerns with the Employer.

The delegates currently representing this Committee for the Local are 1st Vice-President Marlene Arruda, Chief Steward Junior Edwards, Shop Steward Gary Pacheco, Gary Banken, Patrick Go and Chris DeMelo.

For an overview of the Grievance process, please refer to Article 6 of the Collective Agreement.

The WSIB//H&S Committee helps injured workers understand the complex system put in place by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and assist them in ensuring that their claim is processed properly so that it will be covered. The committee also helps prevent incidents/accidents in the workplace and ensures the Employer’s compliance with relevant legislation, regulations, and codes.

Sitting on this Committee for the Local are Chair Kathy Pereira (IWAC Chief Officer), Co-Chair Hugo Toste (H&S Chief Officer), and assistance from the Stewards.

Workplace injuries are very common, and another part of this Committee’s responsibilities is to ensure that injured workers have a proper plan in place and are accommodated properly when returning to work. They assist in ensuring that the injured worker receives fair treatment by the Employer and that they receive the appropriate health care disability benefits that they require.

Getting injured is no fun. Taking the right approach is important as it can save you time and money. Remember that your personal health and safety is your responsibility but that your WSIB/H&S Committee is there to help you through those tough times!

Some of the steps they may help you through include:

  • Filling out the correct WSIB forms;
  • Ensuring that the information is correct;
  • Ensuring that the proper medical documentation is submitted;
  • Informing the correct people.


Please ensure that you follow these steps if you are injured at work:

  • Immediately report your accident/incident to your supervisor before leaving the worksite;
  • Immediately seek medical attention;
  • Notify a member of the WSIB committee.


How to start a WSIB claim:

  1. Form 8 – This form will be filled out by your medical provider
  2. Form 7 – This form will be filled out by the employer
  3. Form 6 – This form is to be filled out by the injured worker
  4. Abilities Form – This form will be filled out by your medical provider and will provide information for the purpose of assisting the injured worker in an early and safe return to work


The Occupational Health and Safety Act (Greenbook) can be found here.

Chaired by Hugo Toste (H&S Chief Officer) Kathy Pereira (IWA Chief Officer), and Patrick Go (Steward).

Please feel free to contact any one of the Members of the Workloads Committee if you have any questions or concerns regarding your workload.

Sitting on this committee are  Secretary Treasurer Shane Holstein and Patrick Go (Steward).

We look forward to seeing our Members at all events and strongly urge anyone that has any ideas to contact one of the committee members.

The Training Committee is a joint committee between Management and the Local. The representatives that currently sit on the committee for the Local are Recording Secretary Tim Thornton, Steward Gary Pacheco, and  Chaired by 2nd VP Jon Langdon.

The purpose of this committee is to address the Local’s training concerns with the employer in an open format.  As a committee, we look into changes that will enable our members to learn the skills required to perform their duties.

At the training committee we review materials, course outlines and objectives. A few of the ongoing training sessions that are offered and reviewed thoughout the year are as follows:

  • Basic Custodial (Building System Operations #1 – BSO1);
  • Advanced Technical Training ( Building System Operations #2 – BSO2);
  • Custodial Review Training;
  • Building System Operations Review;
  • Maintenance Training;
  • Food Services Training; and
  • All mandatory legislated training that is required.

One of the functions of the committee is to address concerns that have been brought to our attention.  If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Training Committee or email concerns to: Training@cupe2544.ca and the members of the committee will address in a timely manner .

The Communications Committee is in charge of mobilizing the membership and keeping the membership up-to-date on any important matters happening within or to the Union.

The delegates currently representing this Committee for the Local are Recording Secretary Tim Thornton and Steward Chris DeMelo.