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CUPE 4705 calls in conciliator

A conciliator has been called in to help with CUPE 4705 contract negotiations.

“The purpose of the conciliator is as a neutral third party, in order to effect an agreement between the two parties on all outstanding issues in the hope of reaching an agreement,” Darryl Taylor, president of CUPE Local 4705, said Friday.

Taylor said some issues have been addressed, but there are others that still need attention.

“There are some we haven’t been able to come to an agreement on; there are still a number of outstanding issues,” he said. “We’ve been making every possible effort to effect this agreement. We realize this is very serious, this is the livelihood for 1,500 men and women that have committed themselves to providing all public services in the city. At the same time, we know these are important public services the citizens of Sudbury depend on. We have no desire whatsoever to be in a labour dispute — either a strike or a lock-out.”

The Star has been told that managers are being trained to do union jobs, including in the water-wastewater division, in the event of a strike. Taylor said he has heard those rumours, as well.


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