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CUPE conducts PRH phone poll

A phone poll commissioned by CUPE indicates there is overwhelming public support for the Pembroke Regional Hospital to shelve plans to send its surgical instruments to Mississauga for sterilization, union leaders said during a recent press conference.

According to the telephone poll conducted on Saturday, April 9, 74 per cent of respondents want the hospital to reconsider its decision to contract out sterilization of surgical instruments to SteriPro. Furthermore, 89 per cent said they did not believe shipping instruments from Pembroke to SteriPro and back, a round-trip of 820 kilometres, was the best option under the hospital’s current contract with the company, which was signed last year.

“That’s a pretty staggering result. If I was a hospital rooted in this community I would be open to the fact that three quarters of the population think this idea should be reconsidered,” Michael Hurley, president of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions (OCHU), told a press conference held at the offices of CUPE 1502 (Canadian Union of Public Employees) Local 1502 on Isabella Street.


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