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CUPE reaches deal with Adsum House

CUPE reaches deal with Adsum House that gives staff the CCPA “living wage” for Halifax

HALIFAX – The union representing employees at Adsum House, a women’s shelter in Halifax, says a new contract reached with the employer provides some immediate improvements for staff. CUPE National Representative Todd MacPherson says, “A really positive part of this process is that management wanted its workers to have a living wage in Halifax that was actually developed by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.”

Other highlights of the deal include:

  • Increases in the hourly wage in the first year ranging from 8.9% for most classifications to 18.5% for the classification of household co-ordinator
  • A five-year contract with all the other years having a 1% increase in each year
  • Increase in the holiday article with the inclusion of Heritage Day
  • Inclusion of common-law partner and same sex spouse in the bereavement leave article
  • Improvements to the job posting language
  • The ability for an employee to leave the workplace because of a traumatic event with no loss of pay

CUPE represents 20 employees at Adsum House.

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