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Custodial and Maintenance Services Appreciation Day

Sisters and Brothers,

On Friday, November 27, we celebrate our second annual day formally recognized by the Peel District School Board to show appreciation to Custodial and Maintenance workers across our large school board…it is “Custodial and Maintenance Services Appreciation Day”!

Often times we may feel under-appreciated in our roles as we work behind the scenes keeping everything clean, safe, healthy and well maintained for the countless students, parents, staff, permit-holders and general public that enter our locations.

Through our work-to-rule, and the withdrawal of only a small fraction of the duties we perform, the full value of what we bring was brought to the light of day.

We are an important part of the success of the Peel District School Board as the clean, well maintained, and operational buildings we provide is a reflection on the PDSB itself.

This day is set aside to acknowledge the work we do to keep our schools, our workplaces and our public facilities clean and safe.

It is our hope that the staff and students with which you work will each take a few moments throughout the day to show their appreciation and gratitude to each of you.  We look forward to documenting these moments and encourage each of you to send some pictures to me directly by text or by email for the purpose of uploading to our website under “Faces of CUPE 2544”.

Happy Custodial and Maintenance Services Appreciation Day…you deserve it!

In solidarity,

Dan Bouchard | President | CUPE 2544
416.802.2544 | dan.bouchard@cupe2544.ca

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