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Downtown Residents’ Association to hold meeting on future of city’s core schools

Facing the real possibility of having four public schools sitting empty in Windsor’s core in the near future, the Downtown Residents’ Association hopes being proactive will prevent the potential hollowing out of the city’s downtown.

The group will hold a Save Our School’s meeting beginning at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Ukrainian National Federation hall at 1033 Ottawa St.

“With the recent hospital announcement going to hollow out downtown and the possibility of several school closures, it’s going to make the core even less desirable,” said Matt Wachna, secretary for the DRA.

“Across North America, younger people are returning to downtowns from the suburbs. Windsor is out of step and going in the opposite direction,” he added. “School closures make the core less appealing. Property values decrease, the business community starts to deconstruct.

“You see less commitment to the community and the cycle snowballs.”

Wachna said the downtown residents’ group is hoping to head off the problem before the Greater Essex County District School Board actually intends to look at closing schools in the core.


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