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Education minister must fix dysfunctional York school board

What is going on at the York Region District School Board?

Over the past year parents and others have complained repeatedly about a culture of secrecy, fear and impunity at the board when they have raised concerns about everything from racism to secret taxpayer-paid trips to Europe for trustees and staff and what amounts to a life-time employment contract for the director.

They’re right to be concerned. Indeed, Education Minister Mitzie Hunter, who recently met with the board’s director and chair, should dig more deeply into the troubling goings-on at the board. If necessary she should appoint a supervisor to take over until the mess can be cleaned up.

Among the most serious concerns is a lack of transparency in how the board handled allegations of Islamophobia against Ghada Sadaka, the principal of Sir Wilfrid Laurier Public School in Markham.

Some of the Facebook posts the principal is alleged to have shared and commented on include: Videos purportedly showing violent “Muslim takeovers” of Paris and London; articles expressing concerns about bringing refugees to Canada given their “terrorist sympathies”; and a post headlined “Must see: Dutch mayor tells fellow Muslims they can f— — if they don’t like freedom.”


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