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Episode #1: On their Own

Canadian seniors are struggling.

With all the images on billboards and TV ads of retirees traveling and golfing, it’s hard to imagine that there are actually more than 600,000 seniors living in poverty in Canada today. Many live on their own, making the struggle to get by even harder.

For many Canadians, working after the age of retirement just isn’t possible. Often it’s because of health and mobility challenges. Or, it’s because a loved one needs full-time care and support. Does this remind you of someone you know, like a parent, grandparent, or neighbour? One day, it could be you.

Hourglass Episode No. 1: On their Own is a look into the lives of low-income seniors who are no longer able to work. Many can’t afford daily living expenses and rely solely on CPP.  Even those who were lucky enough to have a workplace pension plan often end up short in retirement.

Too many seniors are struggling to make ends meet, even after a lifetime of hard work. Canada can do better. With a better Canada Pension Plan, all of us can rest easier about the future.


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