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Let’s expose Wynne’s hydro horror show

We believe skyrocketing electricity prices under Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are the most important issue facing Ontarians heading into the next provincial election.

As National Editor Anthony Furey’s “Hydro Headaches” series, which began in the Sunday Sun reveals, Ontarians are being held hostage by rising energy bills, many forced to freeze in their homes in winter and swelter inside them in summer, for fear of ever rising hydro costs.

Of all the wasteful blunders the Liberals have committed in their 13 years in power — eHealth, Ornge, cancelled gas plants — the worst have been in the energy field, including their mad dash into unreliable and expensive wind and solar power, which wasn’t needed to close Ontario’s coal-fired electricity plants.

Out of control electricity prices are an assault on the middle class.


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