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Liberals to get feedback on rural education

Liberals to get feedback on rural education

The provincial Liberal government has announced plans to gather feedback on ways to support education in rural and remote communities.

But school closure opponents don’t see any evidence that the government’s plans will change anything locally, where accommodation reviews currently underway by the Bluewater District School Board is recommending the closure of schools in Markdale and Paisley, and the loss of the high school program in Chesley.

“It is just very loosely worded platitudes that mean nothing,” said Judy Keeling of the Ontario Alliance Against School Closures. “It does appear things are in a state in flux and things are changing, which would be a terrible time for boards to close schools, when there might be new rules that are developing. We don’t know anything right now.”

On Monday, Education Minister Mitzie Hunter and Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli announced that beginning in the spring, three parliamentary secretaries will start gathering feedback on how the province can strengthen education in rural and remote communities through new approaches.


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