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MPP apologizes to protesting mother of autistic son after Wynne tells him to

Melanie Palaypayon, whose son is autisitic, told MPP Bob Delaney’s constituency staff she would be handing out pamphlets outside ‎the office. She got a visit from two Peel police officers

A Liberal MPP who called police on the mother of an autistic child‎ protesting at his constituency office has been called onto the carpet by Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Wynne, who, herself, is meeting with parents of autistic children Tuesday to explain her government’s controversial changes to therapy, did not sound impressed by MPP Bob Delaney (Mississauga-Streetsville).

“I’ve already had a conversation with Bob Delaney,” the premier said of the MPP’s decision Friday to call Peel Regional Police on protesting mother Melanie Palaypayon.


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