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CUPE nurses keep our public health care system strong

Dear CUPE RPNs and PSWs,

CUPE Ontario is so proud to be the union of tens of thousands of registered practical nurses (RPNs) and personal support workers (PSWs). Every year we are so happy to recognize and pay tribute to RPNs and PSWs during the month of May. However, we know that the health and wellbeing of Ontarians is a priority for RPNs and PSWs every day.

Over 14 million Ontarians rely on our public health system. Please know how much your union values the contributions you make in our communities.

Your skills, knowledge, caring and commitment are vital to vulnerable, frail long-term care residents, patients in hospital, many isolated patients getting care at home and their families.  What you do is very important and deeply appreciated. Without your hard work and empathy our under-resourced health system would suffer greatly.

Under the current provincial health policies which underfund services, patients, their families, and caregivers are often unable to access the care that they need at home, in the community or at their local hospital where unprecedented cuts to beds, programs and staff are happening.

There is much to be done to ensure long-term care residents, hospital and home care patients get the nursing care needed. We want to emphasize on our continuing support for actions advocating for adequate provincial investments in health system funding and an end to patient care cuts.  There is also work to be done to improve the working conditions and wages of PSWs in the home and community sector. Currently they have no guaranteed hours of work and no assurance of how much their wages will be from week to week.

RPNs and PSWs go above and beyond to provide care under challenging circumstances.  We are extremely proud to stand with you in communities across Ontario advocating on behalf of longterm care residents, and home care and hospital patients.

Above all, today we celebrate and are truly grateful for your amazing dedication to patient care.

In unity,

Fred Hahn, President CUPE Ontario
Candace Rennick, Secretary-Treasurer CUPE Ontario
Heather Duff, Chair Health Care Workers Coordinating Committee (HCWCC)/CUPE Ontario

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