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Potential school closures very short-sighted

Potential school closures very short-sighted

I am writing this today as a Liberal supporter, as a parent to three children who attend a small rural school in Ontario under threat of closure, and as a home daycare provider. I am asking Premier Kathleen Wynne to please pay attention to another big issue that is concerning Ontario citizens.

Hydro rates are a great concern for all Ontarians. I applaud our premier for taking time to listen, to meet and discuss this issue and to implement a beginning strategy to lower rates. However, destruction of our education system by closing schools, destroying communities in the process, is a huge issue that is also concerning Ontario citizens and this needs to be addressed now.

Our school, Selby Public School, is under threat of closure. We are just one of many schools in the same situation throughout Ontario. My children are just three of the 236 who are facing the prospect of being on a bus before 7 a.m. to begin their classes at a school that already has more than 500 children enrolled.

Selby school is keeping young families in our community and is the draw, encouraging more families to move into this area. If Selby school closes, we will see some of these families move away, other families will choose to move elsewhere, to an area with a school close by, and I face the possibility of losing my job as a home daycare provider.


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