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Prorogation won’t save Premier without putting an end to privatization of Hydro

Prorogation of the Legislature will not provide Premier Wynne and her government with the reboot they desire unless the Throne Speech includes a clear commitment to stop any further sell-off of shares in our electricity system, says Fred Hahn, president of CUPE Ontario.

“From the beginning the vast majority of Ontarians have made it clear that they are opposed to the privatization of Hydro, but despite this the Premier insisted on going ahead with the plan even though she said nothing about it in the last election,” said Hahn. “Yet the Premier still doesn’t seem to understand why support for her government has virtually disappeared.”

Despite internal government documents showing significant lack of public support for selling-off Hydro One shares and numerous reports from experts including the government’s own Financial Accountability Officer, stating the sell-off was bad for Ontario, the Wynne government has already sold 30 per cent in shares. At this point, they still plan to sell an additional 30 per cent in shares giving for-profit shareholder majority control over our electricity system.

“Giving away public control over our most important asset – one that every person and business relies on for survival – is simply irresponsible,” says Hahn. “There are certain resources and services that should never be made for-profit otherwise they become unaffordable to working people and we move back to a divided world of haves and have nots. This is simply unacceptable.”

“Today even the Premier has finally admitted that her hydro plan is hurting the people of Ontario,” says Hahn. “It’s not too late to really fix the problem. 70 per cent of Hydro One shares still remain in public control – if the Premier really wants a reboot she must stop all further sales.”

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