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Public control of home is best for residents

NORTH BAY, ON – Repeated studies show that publicly run long-term care homes provide better quality of care for residents than either private not-for-profit or for-profit homes, the Cassellholme Board learned at their meeting today.

“Multiple studies show that publicly run homes have fewer hospitalizations, lower death-rates and a lower use of anti-psychotic medications that tend to be over prescribed to maintain calm in under-staffed homes,” said CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn in his presentation to the Board. “As members of this community you know how important Cassellholme is to the future of so many families in the North Bay area. Your decision has to be based on what’s best for them.”

Based on a report by the corporation KPMG the Cassellholme Board is considering a recommendation to divest the home to a private, not-for-profit corporation.

“I think it’s important to look at KPMG’s track record before making a decision,” said Hahn. “A review of recommendations they have provided to other municipalities shows that in every case they have recommended privatization. The taxation branch of the company is most notable for its involvement in recent off-shore tax haven scandals. The question you have to ask is whose interests are they truly looking out for? Is it really Cassellholme residents?”

According to internationally recognized researcher Dr. Susan Braedley, who recently spoke at a community forum at the North Bay Area Museum, there are very successful public revitalization models that municipalities can look to that will better protect the needs of the residents. Most notable she pointed to a public re-development model used recently in Simcoe County where they were able to maintain the highest quality care at the same time as generating significant reductions to the municipal levy within two years.

“Our frontline workers at Cassellholme care deeply about the residents they serve. They truly want what’s best for them,” said Hahn. “We feel it is our obligation to make sure decisions about their future is based on factual evidence.”

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