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Public school board requesting to review future of eight schools

Public school board administration will seek permission from trustees at Tuesday’s meeting to launch a review of eight schools that could result in four closures and up to three new builds.

The review will focus on Forest Glade, Eastwood and Parkwood elementary schools in Windsor and Mill Street, Mt. Carmel-Blytheswood, Gore Hill, M.D. Bennie and Queen Elizabeth elementary schools in Leamington.

“The FCI numbers (future maintenance costs) are fairly high,” said superintendent Todd Awender of why the two families of schools were chosen for study.

“There are also a fair number of empty student spaces.

“Looking at building our business case to get new builds for the kids, we thought this was the best way forward.”


The proposal would reduce the number of empty spaces in the public system to about 6,500. That number is forecast to be around 5,000 spaces once the previously announced consolidations and new builds approved by the Ministry of Education are completed over the next three years.


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