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Schools formula ‘broken’

Much of the local frustration around schools being targeted for closure has been focussed on 69 Young Street in Sudbury, where the Rainbow Board has its headquarters.

But there’s also a movement of concerned parents that is setting its sights squarely on 900 Bay Street, in Toronto, which is home to the provincial Ministry of Education.

“It’s not entirely the board’s fault,” says Laura Killam, a New Sudbury mother of four. “The other problem is the funding.”

Killam is brainstorming with others locally on ways to maintain city schools, including Cyril Varney, where her daughter is enrolled.

Simultaneously, though, she’s part of a province-wide group called the Ontario Alliance Against School Closures that is pressuring the education ministry to put an immediate halt to school closures and to come up with a more democratic guideline for pupil accommodation.

In a release issued late last month, the group calls the current downsizing exercise the “largest and fastest school closure sweep in Ontario’s history,” and “a short-term money-saving move that is particularly harsh on communities outside the GTA.”


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