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Our seniors deserve better

Send a message to your MLA and the Nova Scotia Minister of Health and Wellness

Stop the cuts to long-term care!

CUPE long-term care workers would like Premier Stephen McNeil, as well the Minister of Health and Wellness Leo Glavine, to explain to nursing home residents and their families:

How they can now justify these cuts to the quality of long-term care and this lack of respect for older adults that rely on these services!

Since August, workers have been receiving notices of layoff (or reduced hours of work) at nursing homes across Nova Scotia. The layoffs are the result of $6.7 million in budget cuts to long-term care announced by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness ($3.6 million cut in 2015 and an across the board 1% cut in 2016 of $3.1 million).

What’s at stake?

All workers in nursing homes are important to delivery of quality care for residents – from food services, to housekeeping, to nursing staff. Less staff in one area of the home will just mean more work for the remaining staff and a decline in the quality of care each residents receives.

More staffing reductions are anticipated at other nursing homes in Nova Scotia.

What can you do?

The Province must reverse the budget cuts to long-term care. Please send a message to the MLA in your area and Minister of Health and Wellness Leo Glavine, asking them to oppose these cuts to long-term care.


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