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Toronto media underestimating resilience and strength of Black Lives Matter leaders

It was supposed to have been the tweet stopped the earth from rotating. It was the tweet, twisted by mainstream media, that would make the city forget that on July 5, 2015 Andrew Loku a 45-year-old father of five with a history of mental illness was shot dead by Toronto police only minutes after arriving on the scene.

We were supposed to have forgotten that on September 24, 2014 Jermaine Anthony Carby was shot and killed by a Peel Regional Police officer in Brampton and neither of the officers involved will be charged with a crime. We were supposed to have overlooked names like Sophia Cook, Wade Lawson, Lester Donaldson and others who received what many in the Black community would described as an unjust and unnecessary level of violence via the barrel of a police officer’s gun.


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