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Upper Canada District School Board closure report is useful reading

Two further thoughts to offer on the proposed closure of several schools across SDG and the road ahead before the trustees’ vote in March.

The first is an encouragement to take the time and read through the Upper Canada District School Board’s 188-page report released a week ago.

In the coverage and reaction to the proposals seen so far, we’ve been focused on the recommendations and some of the rationale why school board administrators have put these ideas before trustees. We can and should go deeper.

For each of the unpalatable recommendations, there are pages of data, alternate options and rationale laid out for all of us to read. Understanding not everyone may have the time or the stomach for them, we’ll be presenting these in six parts over the coming days.

School board administrators have done their homework and it’s only fair to the process and the future of each of these school communities that we read and understand what they’ve recommended and why.


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