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UW custodian ‘traumatized’ when arrested by campus police

WATERLOO — A University of Waterloo custodian says she was “humiliated and traumatized” after campus police arrested her for stealing a student’s cellphone.

“I never did anything wrong to have myself arrested,” said Marta Arce Vargas, 47, who’s worked at UW for 10 years.

“I was treated like a criminal,” said the Kitchener woman. “It was really shocking and humiliating.”

Vargas was questioned but never charged. She was not put into handcuffs.

She said she distrusts the campus police and fears them after they accused her of stealing a cellphone while working a night shift at the university last month.

“They never came to me and said ‘Sorry, we made a mistake,’ ” she said.

“The officers went too far.”


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